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Transformer Oil Testing

Transformer oil and insulating oil tests.

Intertek's TransoilCHECK© program provides transformer oil and insulating oil analysis and testing on a global basis. The laboratories test for transformer oil purity, quality, and chemical composition. Transformer oil test methods include ASTM, BS, and other recognized transformer oil analysis testing procedures. Specific transformer oil test method availability will vary depending upon location. Please contact Intertek for more information.

Routine testing of transformer oils and insulating oils on a regular schedule is an accepted industry practice. General and physical tests are suggested twice a year, dissolved gas analysis once a year, and Furan testing every 2 years for transformers in operation at least 5 years. Samples are easily shipped to Intertek laboratories providing transformer oil analysis, on a global basis. Insulating oil and transformer oil testing labs are located in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Mexico, Spain, and other locations. The labs test insulation oil samples from clients across the world.

Transformer oil tests: Transformer oil test methods:
Appearance at 15°C ASTM D4176
Water Content ASTM D1533B, D6304
Density at 15°C ASTM D4052
Specific Gravity ASTM 4052
Suspended Particles in Oil Visual
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage      ASTM D877
Sediment, Sludge  BS 5730
Interfacial Tension ASTM D971
Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D445
Color ASTM D1500
Neutralisation Value mg KOH/g ASTM D974
Flash Point  ASTM D92
Pour Point ° C ASTM D97
Particle Count (NAS 1638, ISO 4406)   Automatic Particle Counter
Dissolved Gas Analysis ASTM D3612
Trace Gases Analysis:  
Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide ppm  
Acetylene, Ethylene ppm  
Oxygen, Nitrogen ppm  
Methane, Ethane ppm  
Hydrogen ppm  
Total Dissolved Combustible Gases ppm  
Composition of insulating oils by petroleum origin ASTM D2140
Disipation Factor at 100°C ASTM D924

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