Power Plant Cycling Cost and Flexible Generation

Market conditions and demands have led to increased cycling of power plants. Intertek offers a range of services to help you understand your true cycling startup, shutdown and load follow costs and provide guidelines to operate more efficiently.

Increased cycling not only contributes to more forced outages, lower fuel efficiency and potential shortened unit life as equipment operates beyond their design and life capabilities, but it also increases overall operation, maintenance costs and capital replacement spend. 

Therefore it is vital that power plants understand the current and expected costs of hot, warm and cold starts, and various types of load follow cycles (e.g. different ramp rates and depth of cycles). 

Intertek has developed a range of analysis techniques that can determine the true costs involved with the cycling of your power plant. Our experts have years of experience analysing cycling costs for power plants of all types and can help you reduce operating costs and improve profitability.  We can also advise on design improvements, equipment upgrades/replacement and operating process improvements to ensure your plant operates more efficiently and reliably. 

Intertek’s analysis techniques include:

  • COSTCOM® – real-time software that alerts operators when the plant is using a damaging ramp rate  or operating mode
  • Cycling Advisor™ – provides information on optimal dispatch schedules including wear-and-tear costs
  • Cycling cost analysis
  • Budget projections
  • Asset evaluations
  • Real-time cost analysis
  • Cost of ancillary services
  • Assessment of future capital and maintenance costs, stranded costs and dispatch for true low cost

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Need help or have a question?

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