Intertek sponsor the Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Products Conference

Meet our expert at the Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Products Conference, 20-21st Sept 2018, Barcelona, Spain.

The Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Products Conference, 20-21st Sept 2018, Barcelona, Spain, will provide an opportunity to discuss new insights into inhaled product development, such as high efficiency delivery systems, the new FDA CMC guidance, and the challenges of formulating and testing large molecules for inhaled delivery.

Intertek is excited to sponsor this event and our experts will be present to discuss aerosol drug delivery development topics including strategic approaches to OINDP development, novel in vitro testing methods and approaches to working with biologics. Our team will also provide updates on the latest developments in our capabilities and the expansion of both our Melbourn (Cambridge) and Manchester teams.

Our inhalation expert, Chris Vernall, will deliver a keynote speech on the first day of the conference entitled "NEW STRATEGIES FOR OPTIMIZING BIOLOGIC FORMULATIONS INCLUDING ANTIBODY DRUG VACCINES". Please contact us to request a copy of the presentation (provided after the event).

Presentation overview:


  • Overview of biologics and large molecules, including current top selling products and pipeline (highlighting shift towards large molecule development rather than small molecule)
  • Current inhaled biologics on the market and in development
  • Challenges with inhaled biologics, including antibody drug vaccines
  • Formulation approaches
  • In-depth discussion of testing and characterization required (not well defined for these products) & why it is crucial to involve the right techniques and establish robust methods, even at the early stages of formulation development


Our integrated formulation development and OINDP analytical testing teams carry out early stage pre-formulation support, solubility screening, drug-excipient compatibility, stability testing, device selection and clinical manufacturing support to aid clients working to develop formulations targeting specific regions of the respiratory tract or nasal cavity. Comprehensive protein characterisation services, aligned to monitoring a protein’s structure and potency throughout formulation and storage, can also be provided.


BROCHURE: Intertek Inhaled Product Development Brochure
WEBINAR ON DEMAND: The Fundamentals of Inhaled Product Testing
WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Advanced analytical techniques for testing generic OINDP
WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Formulation Strategies for Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products


Need help or have a question? +44 1763 261648

Need help or have a question?

+44 1763 261648
+44 1763 261648