Metals And Elemental Bioanalysis by ICP-MS

Metals and elemental bioanalytical ICP-MS services for pharmacokinetics studies for metal based drugs or quantification of trace metals in biomarker studies

ICP-MS bioanalysis offers a quantitative and highly selective approach to elemental bioanalysis for pharmacokinetics studies for metal based drugs or for the quantification of trace metals in biomarker studies. 

Metal containing drugs are currently being evaluated for a range of therapeutic applications including cancer, arthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Examples include the use of platinum in cis-platin anti-cancer drugs, manganese-based metalloporphyrins and metal containing nanoparticles for either therapeutic or diagnostic applications. Determining these metals in preclinical and clinical samples is vital to the successful development of metal containing drugs, however, the analysis of very low detection limits, in biological matrices can present challenges.

Our experts use inductively coupled plasma with mass spectrometry detection (ICP-MS) for element specific quantitative bioanalytical evaluation of metals or other elements at very low levels, even down to parts-per-trillion (ppt) with few matrix interferences. We are adept at method development and validation and routinely conduct studies across a wide range of biological sample types to support both preclinical and clinical studies.

Alongside bioanalytical ICP-MS, Intertek offers a range of technologies in a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) or Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant environment to determine levels of trace metals and other inorganic elements in clinical samples to support drug discovery, drug development and the safety assessment of implantable medical devices.

In addition, our UK facility has an on-site Class II Bio sample handling laboratory and a Human Tissue Licence, enabling the handling of clinical and diagnostic specimens.

Metals and inorganic bioanalysis services include

  • Rapid non-GLP discovery phase bioanalysis
  • GLP bioanalysis to support preclinical & clinical trials
  • Rapid assessment of total element content
  • Determination of trace metals by ICP-MS
  • Detection and quantification of anions and cations such as phosphate, halide, sulphate, sodium and other alkali metals, ammonium salts and amino acids by ion chromatography
  • Elemental mapping of tissue samples with electron microscopy (SEM-EDX)
  • Detection and quantification of sugars and polysaccharides by ion chromatography

Metals and inorganic bioanalysis case studies

  • Detection and quantification of trace elements using ICP-MS in cell lysates
  • Metal ion release in plasma from prosthetic implants using ICP-MS
  • Labelling with gold colloids and other staining techniques of tissue samples for imaging with transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
  • GCP studies for the determination of inorganic elements from consumer healthcare clinical development
  • Evaluation of active ingredient deposition in skin, hair and other tissues
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