Group Overview

Intertek is the leading provider of quality and safety solutions globally. In May 2002, Intertek floated on the London Stock Exchange, and is now a FTSE 100 company. The market capitalisation of the Group on 5th August 2011 was £3 bn. The stock symbol is ITRK.

Industry growth drivers

The quality and safety services industry is a developing sector. Intertek focuses on fast-growing, high margin markets, in providing services such as testing, inspection, certification and auditing services to a wide range of global and local industries. Through its services Intertek helps customers to assess the products and commodities that they buy and sell against a wide range of safety, regulatory, quality and performance standards.

The markets that Intertek operates in continue to grow strongly, driven by the following trends:

  • Increasing levels of standards, regulations, environmental and safety requirements applicable to products and commodities globally
  • A greater emphasis on the safety, quality and performance of goods and commodities generally by consumers and governments
  • Increasing product variety by retailers and manufacturers to meet consumer appetite and gain market share
  • Decreasing product life cycles, leading to an increase in the number of new products developed, each requiring testing
  • Continuing migration of manufacturing operations from developed countries to less developed countries
  • Constant changes in global trade flows and inter-regional trade flows
  • Increasing numbers of consumers in emerging economies  
  • A growing trend towards outsourcing of testing laboratories and quality and safety services, and demand by industry for cost-effective outsourced services

Intertek is well-placed to take advantage of these growth areas due to its strong competitive market position.

Core strengths 

  • Worldwide network of facilities with strong local presence
  • Portfolio of brand names, safety labels, approvals and accreditations
  • Strong positions in the principal market segments in which Intertek operates
  • Customer-focused
  • Management accountability
  • Track record of organic growth and investment
  • Active risk management procedures and internal controls

Operating in a large number of market segments, the group services more than 25 different industries and since 2011 is organised into five main divisions: Consumer Goods, Commercial & Electrical, Commodities (including Minerals), Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, and Industry & Assurance.