Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion monitoring is an essential part of any plant or asset management strategy and demonstrates due diligence and dedication to best-practice.

Corrosion monitoring is a vital element of managing the integrity and maintaining awareness of the condition and service life of industrial systems and assets. 

Establishing new industrial systems, assets and equipment brings a legal requirement for safe operations plans. However, developing and implementing these and synchronising their many elements, including corrosion monitoring, can be a challenge. 

In terms of existing assets, a lack of awareness of their condition, design and service history can cause them to fail mid-service. In turn, this can result in production downtime, environmental damage and risks to human health.

These are risks that may be mitigated or avoided altogether with regular corrosion monitoring.

Another responsibility facing plant managers is reviewing existing or inherited plans and evaluating whether they remain current and effective. 

Corrosion Monitoring Consultancy 

At Intertek, independent corrosion monitoring is one of our key capabilities and with over forty years’ experience, our teams are renowned for offering industry leading Total Quality Assurance solutions.

We can advise on how corrosion monitoring can fit into general basis of design and safe operations plans, providing assurance that your assets and processes will be in the best possible position for regular and irregular inspections. 

Optimisation is also a part of our service offering and we can make recommendations on streamlining your processes and cutting out unnecessary or ineffective practices to deliver efficiency and cost savings. 

Delivering corrosion monitoring services across all industries, our clients include EFP contractors, refineries, civil structures, utility and structural health and power generation companies. 

Concrete Corrosion Monitoring 

Concrete corrosion monitoring is another area of expertise our teams are renowned for, specifically the provision of concrete corrosion monitoring probes, software and systems.

The concrete corrosion monitoring instrumentation we supply includes the Concerto range of probes and sensors for permanent installation into reinforced concrete structures.

Designed and developed in-house, our probes measure environmental parameters such as concrete resistivity, relative humidity and temperature, in addition to the electrochemical factors essential for corrosion to occur. 

Our concrete corrosion probes have been successfully installed in a range of different structure types over the last twenty years, including nuclear storage, bridges, tunnels and refinery infrastructure. 

Engage our independent corrosion monitoring expertise and gain assurance that diligence, best-practice and longevity are given the priority they require throughout your projects and processes.


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