Impact Sound Transmission

Maximize the level of impact sound attenuation of your products

Identify your products response to impact noise and how it is transferred from one room to the space below. Dealing with single or multi-family dwellings, where the presence of people in a room above can be detected daily through footsteps or the dropping of objects, results in the necessity to verify the ability of your product to mitigate those sounds.

Take advantage of North America’s most advanced acoustical test lab. With extensive experience testing to AAMA, ANSI, ASTM, ISO and SAE standards, we have the proficiency you need to help determine the level of impact sound transmission of your products.

How do we rate impact sound transmission?

Impact Insulation Class (IIC) and Apparent Impact Insulation Class (AIIC) are single number ratings used to rate the amount of impact noise that is transmitted through a floor-ceiling assembly into a lower room. The test is conducted using a standard tapping machine.

The IIC ratings are the results from testing conducted in a controlled laboratory environment while the AIIC ratings are the results from testing conducted in the field.

Which types of products require consideration of impact sound performance?


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