Tested and Certified: Osiris Energy Wind Turbine Models

Osiris Energy is a global manufacturer and marketer of small wind turbine systems for use in residential houses, farms, telecommunication, business and retail buildings, government buildings, and schools. The company has a strong worldwide leadership position. Their leading-edge small wind turbine technologies are especially designed for low wind, extremely harsh environments with the shortest paypack period. In addition to the advanced technology, Osiris has one of the largest global installed bases of over 2,000 turbines.

Below is a listing of Osiris Energy's 10 Kw small wind turbines enlisted in Intertek’s Small Wind Certification Program:

Osiris 10

ModelSummary ReportCertificateCertification Type
Osiris 10 13050333SHA-001
N/A (for IEC)

Osiris GL-PMG-12K

ModelSummary ReportCertificateCertification Type
GL-PMG-12K 130500333SHA-001130500333SHA-002AWEA