R&TTE Directive Testing

As a Notified Body and Competent Body status in the EU and U.S. to the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive, Intertek can help you achieve global market access for your products.

We are a Notified Body and Competent Body for CE Mark to the R&TTE and EMC Directives and more. One essential requirement in the R&TTE Directive is effective utilization of the radio spectrum. This is usually demonstrated by conducting radio testing in accordance with harmonized ETSI standards. Some parameters in this radio testing include transmitter output power, frequency range, frequency accuracy, undesirable radiated and/or conducted emissions, adjacent channel power, and power density. We can test to all of these parameters and more to determine if your product is in compliance with the Directive and suitable for CE Marking.

Typical parameters in radio testing include:

  • Output from the transmitter
  • Frequency range
  • Frequency accuracy
  • Undesirable radiated and/or cable-borne emissions
  • Neighboring channel effect
  • Power density