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California Proposition 65 Services

Intertek offers manufacturers and retailers of consumer and commercial products Proposition 65 chemical and restricted substances testing, risk management and product evaluation services.

Intertek’s Proposition 65 services are designed to support both product and supply chain compliance for companies that do business in the state of California. Intertek provides customers with  detailed testing and analysis of a company's products, potential Proposition 65 exposure, litigation support, and recommendations for managing risk within the company and their supply chain.

A wide range of consumer products, including furniture, toys, clothing, etc. Proposition 65 services for products include:

Proposition 65 services for supply chains include:

  • Identification of applicable requirements
    • Market and customer drivers
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Creation of an RSL (if necessary)
  • Compliance Assurance Process implementation and certification
  • Employee and vendor communication and training
  • Supplier data collection
  • GAP Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Product screening and testing based upon GAP/Risk Assessment
  • Green claims verification/certification
  • Ongoing compliance assurance

Additional information on California Proposition 65 legislation is available here.

to see how Intertek can help your organization with California Proposition 65 Services.