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BS EN 590 Diesel Fuel Testing

BS-EN-590 city diesel fuel quality testing.

Intertek provides diesel fuel oil testing and inspection services in Europe, including to BS EN 590 quality specifications. Fuel testing services are available for the full range of refined fuels, including diesel fuel, fuel oil, residual fuels and more.

City diesel specifications:

BS EN 590 tests: BS EN 590 test methods:
Appearance Visual
Colour Visual
Free Water and Sediment Visual
Flash Point, ºC IP34, ASTM D93, ISO 2719, EN22719
Carbon Residue  IP 14, ASTM D524, ISO 10370
Ash Content IP 4, ASTM D482, ISO 6245
Water Content ASTM D1744 (KF)
Particulate Matter, mg/kg DIN 51419, EN12662, IP440
Copper Strip Corrosion IP 154, ASTM D130, ISO 2160
Oxidation Stability, minutes ASTM D2274, ISO12205, IP388
Sulphur Content IP33, ISO 8754, ASTM D3120, IP373 
Cold Filter Plugging Point IP 309, EN116
>Density at 15ºC Kg/L ASTM D4052, ISO3675
Viscosity at 40ºC mm ²/s IP 71, ASTM D445, ISO 3104
Cetane Number and Cetane Index ASTM D613, BS5580, ISO5165
Distillation IP 123, ISO3405, ASTM D86
Initial Boiling Point, IBP  
Final Boiling Point, IBP  
Cloud Point ºC ASTM D2500, EN23015
Lubricity HFRR  HFRR Low Sulphur Fuel Lubricity Testing ISO 12156-1
Poly Cyclic Aromatics (PCA's)  IP391
Cetane Index Calculation Only  (4) ISO 4264, IP380
Optional tests for City Diesel fuel:  
Oxygen - Elemental  Elemental Analyser
Nitrogen ASTM D4629 Chemiluminescence
Chlorine ASTM D4929 Microcoulometer 
Calorific Value Gross IP12
Calorific Value Net IP12 Providing Sulphur and Hydrogen are known
Sample size required - 5.0 Litres  
Above tests are to the EN590, City Diesel and ULSD requirements.
* Only one  Sulphur Content Method would apply to the above

Intertek tests diesel fuel for business and governmental clients, and does not provide testing for individuals.

Diesel fuel testing:

to see how Intertek can help your organization with BS EN 590 Diesel Fuel Testing.