Intertek Cantox Expands Food Intake and Exposure Assessment Services Portfolio

November 29, 2011

Intertek solutions continue to align and advance the growing needs for refined and realistic exposure assessments

Ontario, Canada - Intertek Cantox, a leading provider of risk assessment and regulatory support solutions and serving a wide range of industries around the world, today announced the expansion of exposure assessment capabilities through the addition of CREMe (Central Risk & Exposure Modelling e-solution) software to their current service offerings.

The CREMe software uses high-performance computing with probabilistic modelling, distribution-fitting tools, and the incorporation of market share and loyalty factors to enable Intertek Cantox’s intake specialists to refine their estimates of a target population’s potential exposure to compounds of interest including food and food ingredients, food additives, flavourings and nutrients, food contact materials, food contaminants and pesticide residues. Exposure levels depend not only on the concentration of the compound in the food supply, but also on the populations’ usage habits of affected products. These habits can be complicated and can change over time. Working closely with its clients, Intertek Cantox prepares intake reports that are tailored to reflect expert advice on population selection, data gathering and manipulation, and output interpretation. The exposure estimates are then carefully evaluated, along with the compound’s inherent safety profile, as part of Intertek Cantox’s overall risk assessment for these compounds.

“Industry and governments alike are looking for ways to improve their assessments of the potential risks associated with the intended or unintended consumption of substances that may be present in the food supply”, states Dr. Áine Hearty, Senior Intakes Specialist at Intertek Cantox. “With the addition of the CREMe software to our repertoire of exposure assessment tools, we have strengthened our ability to deliver expert advice to those who seek a more refined risk assessment.”

Given the market’s competitive landscape and the need to better achieve success and meet heightened demands for risk assessment, the addition of CREMe software to Intertek Cantox’s solution portfolio will be a key service to help the food industry evolve and change, and instil enhanced business practices. Dr. Hearty reports, “With this important and industry-leading tool, we are able to expand our abilities to meet the demands of our clients, satisfy regulatory bodies and ultimately provide transparency and reassurance to the consumer.”

Learn more about Intertek Cantox intake and exposure services provided by the Food and Nutrition Group by visiting: Food Scientific and Regulatory Consulting

Dr. Áine Hearty, Senior Intakes Specialist,
Intertek Cantox
Telephone: +44 (0)1252 400505

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