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Mobile CompEx

Designed for use outside of the United Kingdom, Intertek is the first CompEx centre to offer the scheme to a global market through our mobile CompEx Assessment Rigs.

Based closely on our principal centres in the UK our mobile rigs are transported via bespoke "flight" cases and assembled at a suitable location on or near your site. Designed for larger groups of candidates who are unable for economic/logistical reasons to attend a course at a fixed CompEx centre.

See our mobile CompEx demonstration video here.

Course options

Ex01-Ex04 Gas & Vapours
Duration - minimum of 5 days but can be extended

Please note, through discussions with our CompEx team there exists the opportunity to extend the time allocated for the training element of the course, if appropriate to the target audience (e.g. if English is not a candidates first language).

The syllabus and assessment is identical to our standard CompEx courses (EX01 - Ex04).

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