Intertek Academy

Training Course Calendar, UK

Intertek training programs address a broad range of subjects and can be delivered either at one of our training centres attached to our laboratories, or on-site at your premises.

Operating at the forefront of international and local regulatory developments, customer and legal compliance requirements, as well as good manufacturing and compliance practices, our experts have the experience to assure your key staff, management and suppliers will be up-to-date on key compliance issues, technical expertise, and more.

We share our expertise through an extensive array of training and implementation programs, helping our clients and their supply chains understand regulatory requirements, improve their business processes, and meet customer demands.

The calendar below is updated periodically as new courses and dates are set. Most of our programs described can also be offered bespoke to your business needs, if you have any queries please contact us at

Industry/ServicesCourse TitleDatesLocation
April 2015
Green ServicesREACH for Electrical Products08 AprilMilton Keynes
Product IntelligenceProduct Safety Training08-09 AprilLondon
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Application Design Engineers (Ex12)13-17 AprilChester
Green ServicesRoHS 2 Compliance Workshops13-17 April (Daily sessions)Sunbury
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Gas & Vapours (Ex01-Ex04)13-17 AprilChester
Electrical Safety60335-1 Electrical Appliance14 AprilMilton Keynes
SoftlinesSafety of Children’s Clothing14 AprilLeigh
HardlinesTopical Toy Seminar15 AprilLeicester
EMCEMC Directive16 AprilMilton Keynes
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Combustible Dust (Ex05-Ex06)20-22 AprilChester
Electrical SafetyLow Voltage Directive22 AprilMilton Keynes
HardlinesEssentials of Candle Testing22 AprilLeicester
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Foundation Course (ExF)22-23 AprilChester
SoftlinesEssentials of Footwear Manufacturing and Testing23 AprilLeicester
Electrical SafetyIEC EN 62368-1 Safety AV, ICT Equipment (Overview)23 AprilMilton Keynes
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Gas & Vapours (Ex01-Ex04)27 April - 01 MayChester
HardlinesElectrical Safety of Battery Operated Toys28 AprilLeicester
Electrical SafetyCE Marking29 AprilMilton Keynes
Medical DevicesIntroduction to the Medical Device Directive29 AprilMilton Keynes
HardlinesREACH Regulations for Soft & Hardline Articles29 AprilLeicester
Electrical Safety62368-1 Safety A/V, ICT Equipment (Advanced)30 April - 01 MayMilton Keynes
May 2015
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Mechanical (Ex11)05-07 MayChester
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Gas & Vapours (Ex01-Ex04)11-15 MayChester
SoftlinesEssentials of Textile Testing13 MayLeigh
SoftlinesOverseas Legislation for Textile Products14 MayLeicester
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Combustible Dust (Ex05-Ex06)18-20 MayChester
Green ServicesRoHS & WEEE Directives19 MayMilton Keynes
HardlinesEssentials of Toy Safety - 2 day course20-21 MayLeicester
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Foundation Course (ExF)20-21 MayChester
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Mechanical (Ex11)26-28 MayChester
Lighting60598-1 requirements for Luminaires27 MayMilton Keynes
June 2015
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Application Design Engineers (Ex12)01-05 JuneChester
Green ServicesRoHS & WEEE Directives02 JuneMilton Keynes
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Refresher Course (Ex01R-Ex04R)02-03 JuneChester
Health & Beauty ProductsEssentials of Cosmetic Safety & Regulations03 JuneLeicester
PPEEssentials of Personal Protective Equipment04 JuneLeicester
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Gas & Vapours (Ex01-Ex04)08-12 JuneChester
HardlinesInternational Toy Safety Standards Seminar10 JuneLeicester
SoftlinesGuide to Entering the Russian Marketplace11 JuneLeicester
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Gas & Vapours (Ex01-Ex04)15-19 JuneChester
SoftlinesSafety of Children’s Clothing17 JuneLeigh
Hazardous LocationsHazardous Area Certification Overview17 JuneMilton Keynes
HardlinesTopical Toy Seminar18 JuneLeicester
Industrial & Laboratory61010-1 3rd Edition Measure Contorl Lab Equipment23 JuneMilton Keynes
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Mechanical (Ex11)23-25 JuneChester
SoftlinesChina GB - Understanding Chinese Regulations24 JuneLeigh
SoftlinesEssentials of Footwear Manufacturing and Testing25 JuneLeicester
Hazardous LocationsCompEx - Refresher Course (Ex01R-Ex04R)30 June - 01 JulyChester