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PVoC (Pre-Export Verification of Conformity) for Exports to Kenya

To assure Kenyan consumers of the safety and quality of the imported goods they buy, and to protect Kenyan manufacturers from unfair competition, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), a statutory organisation of the government of Kenya, has implemented guidelines called the Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (PVoC) to Standards Programme for exports to Kenya.

In January 2012, Intertek was awarded a further contract by KEBS to operate the PVoC programme on KEBS behalf in regions such as parts of Europe, North America and the Middle East. To see a full list of the distribution of regions, please email info.government@intertek.com, or contact your local Intertek dedicated Kenya expert whose details can be found in the Kenya PVoC Country Office list.

KEBS Responsibilities

Importers Responsibilities

Exporters Responsibilities

Routes to obtaining the PVoC Certificate

to see how Intertek can help your organization with PVoC (Pre-Export Verification of Conformity) for Exports to Kenya.