Your Technical Services Hub Webinar Series

Join the technical experts from our Industry Services business for a series of webinars which will discuss topics faced by companies in sectors such as oil and gas, chemical, power generation, transportation and construction. Learn how you can extend asset lifecycles, maximize operational productivity and maintain safety.


On Demand 2016 Webinars  

Advanced Non-Destructive Testing vs Conventional Non-Destructive Testing - What you need to know
Intertek experts discuss some of the many advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, how they are used, why they are needed and the benefits of using them versus conventional techniques depending on your requirements.
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Want a long life? So do your assets. We'll tell you how
In this webinar our experts discuss a variety of technical services available to help you assess the current condition of your assets; manage the maintenance and reliability of those assets; and maximize asset life span while maintaining efficiency and preventing failure. 
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Technical Resources - Right People, Right Place, Right Time
Our experts discuss the complexity of not only recruiting qualified technical personnel, but also the added responsibilities such as securing visas and work permits, negotiating local employment regulations and ensuring national and international tax compliance. 
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Yes! You too can maximize productivity AND minimize downtime
In this webinar we identify key safety training and inspection techniques to help you, your personnel and your equipment maximize productivity and minimize downtime.   We also discuss the connection between a safe working environment and a productive working environment.     
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Assure quality through vendor auditing and surveillance
Our experts will identify and discuss the qualifications and certifications of technical inspectors that best fit your project needs and also pinpoint the expectations and achievable results related to integrating auditing and surveillance into your quality management process.
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Asset failure! Using failure analysis and forensic engineering to determine what happened.
During this webinar our experts will discuss some of the many failure analysis and forensic engineering techniques that support owners and operators in their efforts to ensure continued asset performance and more importantly the safety of site personnel.  
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How do you know your storage tanks are safe and reliable?
During this webinar our experts discuss API 653 specifications and the importance of tank maintenance as well as some of the many technical services available to keep tanks reliable, safe and compliant.
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