Intertek Management Systems Solutions for Massmart + Walmart

Intertek is a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide. From auditing and inspection, to testing, training, advisory, quality assurance and certification, Intertek adds value for its customers by helping improve the quality and safety of their products, assets and processes.

International retailers, brands and buyers are demanding more effective ways to evaluate supplier manufacturing performance through improved transparency and more reliable, open benchmarking processes. Massmart + Walmart’s General Merchandise/ Product Suppliers are required to obtain ISO 9001 Certification for high-risk products and Quality Development Assessments (QDA) such as Intertek’s Supplier Qualification Program (SQP) for suppliers of low-medium risk products. Below are the services Intertek provides to help you meet these requirements.

Supplier Qualification Program

Intertek’s Supplier Qualification Program provides a world-class Industry Standard that drives continuous improvement through open benchmarking. The program‘s strength lies in its training programs, qualified trainers and auditors, risk-based scorecard as well as a continuous corrective and preventative action process.

The SQP audit standard was developed by rigorously surveying the requirements of global consumer product brands and retailers. SQP focuses on the consumer product manufacturing industry and covers the following sectors:

  • Generic Hardline Manufacturing (e.g., household & DIY)
  • Garment
  • Toys
  • Footwear
  • Trims

The SQP Industry Standard covers the following areas:

  • Management Commitment and Continual Improvement
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Site and Facilities Management
  • Product Control
  • Product Testing and Product Claims
  • Process Control (Hardline, Garment, Toy and Footwear)
  • Personnel Training and Competency

The SQP Business Benefits include:

  • Improved Controls and Processes for Managing Product Quality and Safety
  • Improved Transparency and Trust between Buyers and Suppliers
  • Reduced Audit Fatigue
  • Ability to Demonstrate Measurable Outcomes
  • Better Risk Management
  • Recognition through Achievement Award for Top Performing Suppliers

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

The ISO 9001 standard helps you develop a Quality Management System (QMS) to meet your customers' quality requirements while continually improving operational processes. Since the standard is neither industry- nor product specific, it may be used by any organization that provides a product or service.

The result of using ISO 9001 is shorter lead times, high delivery reliability, and consistently high quality of services and products, benefiting both your customers and your business.

Compliance to ISO 9001 will help you develop and optimize procedures and processes in your operations. You will be able to focus on what is important and save time and money, leaving you more competitive and better equipped to meet future challenges. Accredited certification increases confidence in your company, enhancing your competitiveness in all of the world’s local marketplaces.

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Need help or have a question?

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