Litigation and Dispute Resolution Through Chemical Investigational Analysis

Intertek case studies illustrate our wide experience in the application of chemical characterisation and analysis methodologies to commercial liability claims, patent protection or infringement disputes, product performance or quality claims.

Independent technical measurements and expert scientific consultancy can be crucial tools in achieving the successful resolution of disputes including:

  • Commercial liability claims
  • Patent protection or infringement disputes
  • Product performance or quality claims

Intertek has wide-ranging experience in the application of characterisation and analysis methodologies to these types of problems, and can offer our clients the following support:

  • Deep technical expertise in materials characterisation, particularly in the areas of polymers and plastics, composites, lubricants, surfactants, catalysts, films and coatings and paints
  • A comprehensive range of first-class instrumentation for chemical and physical analysis of materials
  • Highly respected scientists with experience of working in this area
  • Understanding of chemicals- and materials-based manufacturing processes, and a track-record in relating the results of measurements to process-related problems
  • A fully independent and confidential service
  • Quality Accreditation on measurements to ISO 17025
  • Robust and well-understood analytical methods

The type of service offered can range from telephone consultancy or evaluation of reports in minor cases, though a full program of analytical investigation, technical report and Expert Witness support in court for more complex situations.

Case Study 1

The Problem: A major manufacturer of extruded window components was in dispute with a supplier concerning responsibility for defects that had developed in fitted window frames. Significant compensation costs were at stake. The supplier had engaged a senior academic for the provision of expert advice.

Intertek contribution: We examined a number of good and faulty components using analytical techniques including optical microscopy, infrared spectroscopy and NMR. By combining these techniques and applying in-depth knowledge of processing and manufacture of PVC our expert identified the cause of the defects and to refute the arguments of the supplier's consultant.

The Result: This case was settled out of court, to the satisfaction of our client.

Case Study 2

The Problem: Intertek was approached to provide technical measurements and consultancy for one party in a major insurance case, relating to the cause and ultimate responsibility for a fire resulting in the loss of a major manufacturing facility.

Intertek contribution: We carried out detailed characterization of a number of materials relating to the incident, using complex methods such as Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) and Raman Spectroscopy. An Intertek expert participated in the court hearing, providing broad-ranging technical support to the legal team and giving personal testimony.

The Result: The multi-million dollar claim was settled in favor of Intertek's client.

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Need help or have a question?

+1 800 967 5352
+1 800 967 5352