EU Toy Directive – Toxic Element Restrictions

Intertek provides regulatory testing and implementation programs to help you understand and comply with revised chemical restrictions found in the new EU Toy Directive (2009/48/EC).

The new EU Toy Safety Directive restricts 19 toxic elements, 11 more than previously required, as well as enforces migration limits for these elements. Intertek's EN 71-3 Chemical Testing solution was developed to help ensure your products comply with these limits.

Intertek's UK, France and Hong Kong labs are accredited to test to EN 71-3, while the accreditation approval process is underway at labs in China, Germany, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. Reduced limits for different types of toy materials have been established as follows: 


There are also several other new chemical requirements and restrictions under the new EU Toy Safety Directive that include CMR chemicals (carcinogenic, mutagenic and/or toxic to reproduction), allergenic fragrances, nitrosamines and nitrosatable levels. All of these new requirements and restrictions went into effect July 20, 2013.

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