GB Testing for Textiles and Accessories

Intertek provides GB testing services for textile products sold in China, such as adult and children’s apparel, fashion accessories and home textiles, to ensure these products comply with China requirements.

In order to sell textile products in China, three aspects of compliance, including safety, labeling and quality, must be met.

  • Safety – Most textile products, such as garments and home textiles, must fulfill mandatory safety requirements in GB 18401 National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products. Leather and fur products must comply with GB 20400 Leather and Fur – Limit of Harmful Matter. Jewelry shall meet requirements in GB 28480 Adornment – Provision for Limit of Baneful Elements. PVC leather shall comply with GB 21550 Restriction of Hazardous Materials in Polyvinyl Chloride Artificial Leather.
  • Labeling – Labeling requirements for textiles and apparel are set forth in GB 5296.4-2012 Instruction for Use of Products of Consumer Interest –Part 4: Textiles and Apparel. In addition, according to Clause 26 and 27 of Quality Law of People’s Republic of China, a product standard and a quality grade shall also be declared on the label.
  • Quality – Textile product quality and performance requirements are specified in related product standards. There are more than 100 product standards from which an appropriate product standard can be chosen based on fiber content, fabric structure, intended use, targeted consumer age group, style and more.

Our global network includes 26 accredited laboratories in 24 countries and regions to support your needs on testing textile products to ensure your products comply with China requirements. In addition to GB textile testing, Intertek provides supplemental services, including preparation of label templates, translation of labels into Chinese to meet GB standards, on-site technical support such as product and label review, training and others as needed to assist you to successfully export textile and accessories to China.  

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