Pilot Plant Services

Custom pilot plant project solutions simulating commercial process units.

Intertek Pilot Plant Services, located in Pittsburgh, PA at the site of the former research and development center for Gulf Oil, has been facilitating custom process research projects at the pilot scale for more than 30 years; including processing biofuels, chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum, petroleum derivatives and unconventional feedstocks. Through our pilot plant services, we provide around-the-clock support throughout an entire project, allowing for quick assessment and response should any issues arise.

Our comprehensive evaluations allow clients to manage both financial and technical risk, prior to transitioning into a commercial environment. Examples of projects and the associated risks include:

  • Processing an opportunity feedstock to better understand the characteristics and impact on downstream assets.
  • Performing a catalyst comparison to determine the optimal catalyst choice as part of a catalyst replacement decision.
  • Supporting a process technology evaluation to generate design data for a commercial facility or a performance guarantee.

Whether for physical products or process data, we are equipped to serve all of your needs for pilot plant projects. Our team can arrange for physical products to be delivered anywhere in the world by air, ground, and/or sea freight. Additionally, process data, a summary of process conditions, material balance, and observations are communicated by e-mail each working day. For fixed bed reactor projects, process data is available in real-time to provide for active remote monitoring. Also, we provide analytical support for characterization and unit control purposes to ensure the test type and required turnaround time match the goals of the project.

Working with Intertek on your pilot plant project provides flexibility in:

  • Unit modifications to support alternative process configurations.
  • Live scope changes to allow for adaptation based on actual performance results.
  • The opportunity to work from our site in Pittsburgh, monitoring operations for all or a portion of the project at whichever time is needed.

Intertek can support many different types of core process technology solutions that can be adapted to suit your needs. These include:

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