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Composites Testing

Composite materials testing laboratories and expertise.

Intertek composite test experts provide leadership in ASTM, ISO, Nadcap committees, and have 25 years experience in materials testing. Composite materials tested include thermoset and thermoplastic composites, laminates, fiber reinforced composites,core materials, resins, films and adhesives. Intertek composite experts are leaders in data generation, specializing in material characterization, quality control, and problem solving.

Independent, accredited data generation for industry material submissions:

  • A2LA (IEC/ISO 17025:05) Accreditation for composite material submission for automotive Part Production Approval Process (PPAP), wind energy assessments and other industry requirement
  • Nadcap AC7122/1 non-metallic materials, class A composite materials to support aerospace material submissions

Composite material characterization:

  • Specializing in Quick Turn of Mechanical Evaluations including tension and compression, poisson’s ratio, bearing bypass, damage resistance, compression after impact, combined compression loading (CLC)v-notch shear / rail shear, lap shear, short beam shear, floating roller peel, climbing drum peel and more.
  • State- of-the-art equipment:
    • Up to 250kN load cell capacity
    • Data Precision through reduced bending effects utilizing Align Pro to meet NADCAP accuracy requirements for tension and Hydraulic Composite Compression Fixture (HCCF) for compression
    • High Heat Extensometers and 8 Channel Strain Gage measurement for intricate bearing bypass assessments, poisson’s ratio and more
  • Elevated / Reduced Temperature Chamber Testing
  • Environmental Simulation / Conditioning at 23C / 50%RH and/or moisture conditioning per ASTM D5229 to simulate intensive end-use environments. Exposure to chemical, electrical, flammability and more.
  • Analytical Services: DMA, TMA, TGA, DSC, IV, Karl Fischer and more provided in the Intertek global network.

QC and incoming raw material checks (prepreg, layups, resin systems):

  • Evaluate cores, adhesives, films and resins used in the production of laminated materials or resin and fiber for thermoplastic injection molding composites.

Problem solving:

  • Intertek generates valuable data for delaminating evaluations, monitoring wetout, optimizing cure, and reducing cycle times.

Specific composite material tests: 

Intertek upcoming composites event:

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