Reservoir Formation Evaluation

Reservoir formation testing and evaluation.

Oilfield geological formation evaluation services:

Oil and gas reservoir core, geological and geomechanical formation evaluation services are available from Intertek to clients across the world. Intertek geologists, chemists, petroleum and reservoir engineers provide services to help clients with exploration and production projects. Expertise ranges from unconsolidated sands to fractured carbonates, heavy oil to condensate reservoirs. The experienced staff applies experimental, theoretical and computational models of rock and soil properties to in-situ problems.

Experienced multi-disciplinary staff address a broad range of geological and engineering questions: 

Core analysis:

  • Routine Core Anlaysis
  • Wellsite Handling of conventional cores
  • Core Invasion Studies
  • Computed Tomography (CT) scanning and analysis of whole core
  • Basic Petrophysical Analysis (permeability, porosity, residual fluid saturation
  • Core Slabbing and Photography
  • Unconventional Gas Studies (Gas Shales and CBM) 

Special core analysis SCAL services:

  • Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
  • Capillary Pressure
  • Proprietary Ultracentrifuge Technology
  • Porous Plate
  • MIC
  • Wettability
  • Relative Permeability
  • Reservoir Production Mechanisms
  • Reservoir Condition Measurements
  • Improved Oil Recovery
  • Geophysical properties of rocks (electrical, acoustic, NMR, etc.)

Geological studies:

  • Sedimentological and Petrological studies
  • Thin Section, SEM and XRD Analysis
  • Analysis of log data including core to log correlation
  • Low Resistivity Pay Evaluation

Formation damage, prediction and prevention:

Geomechanical properties:

  • Hydrostatic, Triaxial , and Uniaxial Measurements
  • Shale stability (stress, temperature, creep, etc.)
  • Shale-Fluid Interactions 
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Need help or have a question?

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