Intertek Cantox Scientists Develop Method to Promote High-Quality Nanotoxicology Studies

January 05, 2012

Intertek Cantox Assists Companies with Addressing Nanomaterial Safety Concerns

[Ontario, Canada] - Intertek Cantox, a leading provider of scientific and regulatory consulting services to the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, announces the development of a method to promote high quality nanotoxicology studies allowing companies to ensure the safety of nanotechnology and nanomaterials based products entering the market.

With increasing interest in the use of nano-materials in a wide variety of industries, the number of published studies on the safety of nanomaterials continues to grow. During the Materials Research Society meeting held in November 2011, Dr. Jeffrey Card, Senior Program Manager in Toxicology at Intertek presented on the evaluation of the published literature on the safety of oral exposure to nanomaterials.

Dr. Card and his colleagues developed and tested a two-step Nano Study Score method to assess the overall quality of studies that examine the toxicity of nanomaterials. A comprehensive literature search identified 30 publications in which a toxicological endpoint was assessed following in vivo (oral) or in vitro exposure to food-related nanomaterials. Overall, using the Nano Study Score method, the evaluation indicated that there are currently insufficient reliable data to allow clear assessment of the safety of oral exposure to food-related nanomaterials. Significant investment must be made to generate studies of sufficient quality and duration, and that report comprehensive nanomaterial characterization such that results can be judged reliable and interpretable. Moreover, it is anticipated that the use and evolution of the Nano Study Score method will assist with the design, reporting, review, and interpretation of studies evaluating the potential toxicity of nanomaterials administered by various routes.

“Nanotechnology is having an impact in nearly every business area. There often is a lack of knowledge regarding what characteristics of a given nanomaterial may be responsible for its adverse effects in a particular study simply because adequate physicochemical characterization was not conducted or reported.”, says Dr. Card. “We want to close that gap so that we may gain a better understanding of the properties of nanomaterials that underlie their toxicity. Doing so will assist businesses with achieving the ultimate goal of developing safe nanotechnology-based products.”

Dr. Card’s presentation on assessing the quality of nanotoxicology studies was highlighted in Nature and can be located here as it focuses on regulatory guidance for nanomaterials ( To learn more about nanotechnology capabilities and services at Intertek, please visit

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