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Intertek's ASTA Services team delivers leading services for the electrical industry. Our services include schemes truly recognized internationally such as plug and fuse approvals and low/medium/high voltage certification.

ASTA was founded in 1938 as the Association of Short-Circuit Authorities. ASTA certificates and endorsed reports are only available through testing at ‘recognized’ testing facilities that have been rigorously assessed by ASTA.

ASTA Certificates are the only certificates that are signed by an ASTA Observer who is technically responsible to ASTA for the performance and reporting of the tests and not to the testing station.

  • ASTA Certificates/Reports have International recognition, including a very high profile in Asia and the Middle East, often ‘specified’ by major end-users
  • The ASTA marks and/or type test certificates clearly indicate that the product has been independently tested to comply with the relevant clauses of the applicable standards
  • Helps to differentiate quality brands to the supply chain
  • Protects the manufacturer against the risk of legal action 
  • Eases vendor approval, potentially reducing the number of individual customer/supplier audits
  • ASTA is your expert partner in regulatory requirements

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