Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy Staff: Ryan Simon

Ryan Simon, M.Sc. Senior Scientific & Regulatory Consultant

Mr. Ryan Simon is a Scientist and Regulatory Consultant with the Food & Nutrition Group. As an integral member of the Food & Nutrition Group, Mr. Simon provides regulatory advice and strategic guidance to companies wishing to bring food ingredients and supplement products to major international marketplaces in a timely and cost productive manner.

Using his strong knowledge of the U.S food regulations, toxicology and food safety, Mr. Simon has successfully managed the introduction of several food ingredients into the U.S. marketplace, including galactooligosaccharides, beta-glucans, novel food oils, non-nutritive fat replacements, and numerous botanical derived plant extracts. Through his experience in assisting the needs of various multinational clients, Ryan has developed expertise in the regulatory and safety requirements of foods derived from novel plant varieties and Genetically Modified (GM) and unique probiotic food ingredients, with a particular emphasis on the placement of these foods in the U.S marketplace.

Prior to joining the Food & Nutrition Group at Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy (formerly Cantox), Mr. Simon was employed at a Canadian Biotechnology company for a number of years. As a scientist within the company Ryan was responsible for all animal efficacy and safety data related to the research and product development of bone-growth peptides for use in artificial bone replacement devices and autologous tissue engineered cartilage replacement systems.

Mr. Simon received his B.Sc. with honors in Biomedical Toxicology from the University of Guelph and a M.Sc. in Cell Biology and Metabolism from the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. His graduate work focused on mechanisms of drug-induced bone loss, and vascular calcification. Mr. Simon has published several publications and posters pertaining to the toxicological assessment of food ingredients, and has authored numerous regulatory dossiers used in the safety determination of food ingredients. 


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