Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy Staff: Dr. Danika Martyn

Danika Martyn, Ph.D, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Dietary Intakes, Food & Nutrition Group

Dr. Danika Martyn is a Senior Manager within the Food and Nutrition Group of Intertek Scientific and Regulatory Consultancy.  Based in the UK, Dr. Martyn is an expert in dietary exposure assessments, and her experience is in modeling dietary intake data in estimating human exposure to food chemicals and ingredients. She also works within the Food and Nutrition Group to critically review and interpret analytical and scientific data as part of safety  assessments for novel food ingredients, feed ingredients and food enzymes.  Dr. Martyn has experience in regulatory assessments, including the development of a global database of product-specific regulatory requirements, and has worked on submissions and notifications to regulatory authorities in the European Union and United States.

Dr. Martyn received her Hon. B. Food Science, and her Ph.D. in Public Health Nutrition, focusing on dietary intakes among young children, from University College Dublin.  Dr. Martyn is a member of the UK & Ireland Nutrition Society.

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