Reintroduction of Compliance to KUCAS Requirements for Tyres

The Public Authority for Industry (PAI) has reintroduced the KUCAS requirement for tyres issuing a letter to this effect.

All shipments of tyres are now required to have the Technical Inspection Report (TIR) issued by a Certification and Inspection Body (such as Intertek) to clear Customs in Kuwait. This requirement will be applicable to all shipments leaving the Country of Supply from 15-April-2011. For this, following are the main points that need to be considered as per the letter:


  • Tyre shipments can be issued the TIR only on the basis of valid GCC/GSO certificates.
  • Tyre shipments can only be issued with the TIR if the GCC/GSO certificates issued for the tyres are still valid at the time of Customs clearance in Kuwait.
  • Intertek will require to witness container loading of tyres and also seal the shipment once loading has been completed.
  • Intertek has also been authorized to provide the option of random shipment inspection to exporters based on a Risk Analysis System.

An Exporter of tyres is required to take note of the following:

  • Inform the relevant KUCAS Country Office of any Tyre Shipments to Kuwait.
  • At the time of actual shipment, the exporter should ensure that only tyres included in the TER are in the shipment. If the shipment contains other tyres, the exporter should include these in the TER so that these cen be certified in the TIR.

For further information on how Intertek can help you obtain the necessary Technical Inspection Report and ensure smoother Customs clearance and avoid costly delays please contact your local Intertek office details of which can be found here.