All shipments to Kuwait of Automotive parts require Technical Inspection Report (TIR)

Vehicle Spare Parts have been added to the KUCAS Regulated Product List.

28th July 2011

The Public Authority for Industry (PAI) has announced that all shipments of:

  • Car Batteries
  • Brake Pads
  • Oil Filters

will now be included within the KUCAS Regulated Product List. As such all shipments of these must have the Technical Evaluation Report (TER) and the Technical Inspection Report (TIR) issued by a Certification and Inspection Body (such as Intertek) to clear Customs in Kuwait. This requirement will be applicable to all shipments arriving in Kuwait from 18th September 2011

For further information on how Intertek can help you obtain the necessary Technical Evaluation Report (TER) and Technical Inspection Report (TIR), ensure smoother Customs clearance and avoid costly delays please click here.