Exporting Electricals to Saudi Arabia

Exporting Electrical and Electronics to Saudi Arabia - a Certificate of Conformity is a mandatory requirement.

Marking Requirements

Country of Origin

All appliances shall be marked with Country of Origin which shall be written in the format “Made in …”, all other formats are not accepted

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual or pamphlet shall be at least in both Arabic and English language (SASO 573/1994 clause 3.1)


Markings shall be easily legible and durable in Arabic or English language except warnings and safety instructions shall be in Arabic or Arabic and English Language. 


Products shall not be offensive to the Islamic religion. In particular products shall not include derivatives from pigs or pictures of pigs, pig shapes or crosses.


Any pictures that may be offensive to the Islamic religion are forbidden on products and packaging.

 Voltage Requirements

All electrical products operating on the mains supply imported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall comply with the following voltage and frequency requirements:


220V or 230V for single phase and/or 380V or 400V for 3 phase


60 Hz

All products operating on single voltage of 127V except for the products specified below have been banned for import into KSA from 21st May, 2012.

  • 127V Plugs and Socket Outlets
  • 127V Electric Lamps
  • Fixed Electric Fans and Electric Exhaust Fans for kitchens and water cycles operating on 127V

The above list of products will be banned for import from  07/06/1448H (18th November 2026). All spare parts for products operating on single voltage of 127V will be banned for import from 19/05/1447 (10th November, 2025).

However, all products with dual voltage 127/220V have no restrictions and shall be permitted to be imported.

To find out how these requirements may affect your shipments please contact your local Intertek office details of which can be found here.

Plug and Socket-outlet Requirements

All plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes whether imported or locally manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall comply with the updated standard "SASO 2203/2015- Plugs and socket-outlets for Household and similar purposes – Safety requirements and test methods 250 V/13A" with the exception of the following clauses which shall be verified according to the corresponding clauses of the previous standard SASO 2203/2003 until a final revision of SASO 2203:2015 has been released.

SASO 2203: 2015 version

SASO 2203: 2003 version

Cl. 1.0.1: Conductor Cross Sectional Area

Corresponding clause for Conductor Cross Sectional Area is absent. Therefore the appliance standard is applicable for this requirement.

Cl. Fuses

Cl. 4.3.8 forFuses shall apply.

Cl. 5.5.1 & 5.5.2: Temperature rise Test

Cl. 5.5  for Temperature rise Test shall apply

This requirement applies to both standalone shipments of plugs and sockets-outlets and also those fitted to appliances.

127V plugs and socket-outlets complying with SASO 2204/2003 are acceptable for import until 17th November 2026.

Industrial plugs and socket-outlets and other plugs and socket-outlets which are not used for household and similar purposes having separate mandatory standards are allowed to be shipped in KSA provided that they fully comply with the Saudi requirements.

Energy Efficiency Requirements

The following electrical products which are covered by the scope of the Energy Efficiency Requirements in KSA shall comply with the corresponding technical regulation mandated by the Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) and Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC).

EER Product

Applicable EER Standard

Air Conditioners

• SASO 2663/2014

• SASO 2681/2013

• SASO 2682/2013

• SASO 2763/2008

Washing Machines

• SASO 2692/2013

• SASO 2693/2007

Refrigerators, Refrigerator-Freezer, Freezers

• SASO 2664/2013

Electric Motors

• SASO IEC 60034-30/2013

Electric Lamps

• SASO 2870/2015


For the current versions of the standards refer to the SASO  Website

The EER is an additional requirement to the usual conformity assessment of the above products. Therefore, in order to enter the KSA market, products covered by the EER shall comply with both the safety and the energy efficiency requirements.

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