Certificate of Conformity for Exports to Gabon

Programme Gabonais d Evaluation de la Conformité (PROGEC) for exports to Gabon.

Exporters/Importers trading with Gabon need to comply with the requirements of the Gabon goverment’s office, Agence Gabonaise de Normalisation (AGANOR) Conformity Assessment Programme called PROGEC in order for their goods to clear customs. Failure to do so can result in severe delays in goods clearance, penalties, or even shipments being returned.

The programme in Gabon has now commenced and has been implemented to assure Gabon’s consumers of the quality and safety of imported goods.

The requirements for Gabon are:

  • Every consignment of regulated imported goods must be accompanied by a Conformity Certificate. Intertek is authorised to issue these certificates.
  • Certificates are needed to ensure customs clearance of shipments.
  • Any ships arriving after 20th May 2016 without the Certificate of Conformity will be rejected and penalties applied.
  • The Certificate confirms that the products comply with the relevant Gaboni technical regulations, national, regional or international standards.
  • The authorities in Gabon may take random samples from imported consignments to verify compliance.
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