Quality & Performance Mark (QPM) Program for Furniture

Don’t Promise Quality. Prove it with Intertek’s QPM Mark.

There are an extensive amount of claims in the marketplace about the quality, safety and durability of furniture. The problem for manufacturers, retailers and the average consumer is how to know which claims are trustworthy and what differentiates one product from another. Many performance testing claims offer 1st party testimony without any 3rd party checks and balances to verify that those claims are true. The QPM Program provides clarity in the marketplace by utilizing one mark to support all claims.

To qualify for the QPM Mark, manufacturers must complete a comprehensive evaluation of the furniture product to a specific set of measurable attributes, in addition to a unique individual product manufacturer claim validation.

Measureable attributes include:

  • Quality Review: Review of documentation, such as the user guide and quality process, to ensure a positive and consistent customer experience.
  • Safety: Evaluate the product for stability, sharp edges, flammability and harmful chemicals such as lead.
  • Durability: The product must meet the applicable BIFMA standard.
  • Performance Claims: Review product to a unique and specific set of performance claims beyond the minimum industry standard.
  • Functionality: Assess performance of a product’s main functions and features under normal use.
  • Usability: Evaluate ease of use for the intended tasks.
  • Workmanship: Verify product’s physical characteristics as indicators of high quality fabrication and handling techniques.
  • Environmental Claims: Verify environmental claims of a product to a 3rd party certification, such as VOC certification to ANSI/BIFMA x7.1/m7.1, and BIFMA level.
  • CheckPlus Performance: In addition to the baseline tests, specific manufacturer claims can also be tested through a sixth test called CheckPlus Performance. Once validated by Intertek, the claims can be described in your advertising, point-of-purchase and on the product and packaging to differentiate the product from competitors.
  • Extended Durability: Review product to see if it exceeds the applicable BIFMA standard.
    • Life Cycle Level 1: Product performs to 110% of cycles and static loads per the BIFMA standard.
    • Life Cycle Level 2: Product performs to 2 lives of the BIFMA cycle count.
    • Life Cycle Level 3: Product performs to 3 lives of the BIFMA cycle count. This can also be referenced as 24/7 usage.
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