EU WEEE Directive Recast: Key Topics Under Review Webinar

November 01, 2011


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The original European Union WEEE Directive (Directive on Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) came into force on February 13, 2003. It has had a major impact on doing business in Europe for companies inside and outside the EU.

Eight years later, the EU WEEE Directive has not achieved all of its original goals and the EU is in the process of passing a WEEE Recast. The Recast will change the very definition of WEEE, the targets for collecting it and the way that every business works with authorities to comply with WEEE legislation.

If you sell electrical or electronic equipment into the European market, the WEEE Recast will affect your business in the EU.  This webinar presentation covers the proposed changes in the Directive and how they apply to your business. You’ll learn about the process for passing EU legislation, the positions taken by the different bodies at this time, and the areas of consensus and disagreement. You’ll obtain seasoned analysis of breaking news, how it will affect the eventual text, the timetable and even whether a consensus can be reached.

Topics to be addressed:

  • Why a WEEE Recast?
  • How EU legislation is passed
  • What is WEEE, and how will it change?
  • National versus community scope; impacts on EU and non-EU businesses
  • New targets and dates
  • Controlling illegal export

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Download copy of presentation and audio recording


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