Want a long life? So do your assets. We’ll tell you how. - Webinar

Extending the life of complex assets such as power stations, refineries and pipelines is critical to maximizing the investments made in constructing and operating those assets.  Maintenance decisions must be made throughout the life of those assets and are vital to operational efficiency and reliability as well as the safety of on-site personnel, surrounding communities and the environment.  

A variety of Total Quality Assurance technical services are available to help you assess the current condition of your assets; manage the maintenance and reliability of those assets; and maximize asset life span while maintaining efficiency and preventing failure.   Key asset management and testing services include, but are not limited to, condition assessments, in-service inspection, inspection data management software, equipment life optimization and non-destructive testing.  

Who should view this webinar?  Asset owners and operators within industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power, transportation and construction.  

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