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Adhesives Analysis and Formulation

Adhesive formulations analysis and research.

Intertek adhesives scientists examine adhesives for applications ranging from packaging to the electronics industries. Adhesive projects and test-data are kept confidential for our clients. Intertek's adhesives testing expertise helps prove and improve adhesive formulations and products, and better understand competitor formulations.

Adhesive Research, Testing and Analysis: 

  • Categorization of failure modes
  • Examination of adhesive interfaces
  • Assessment of mixing
  • Visualization of failure mode

Adhesive Testing and Research:

  • The development of good conductivity and bond strength of adhesives used in the electronics industry, including adhesive and cohesive bonding
  • An understanding of wood-glue action and penetration at the adhesive/wood interface
  • Distribution of conductive particles in electronic adhesives
  • Root-cause of inconsistent peel in micro-wave food container films
  • Development of low-temperature adhesive processing for the cardboard packaging industry
  • Peel testing

Adhesives Analysis Research and Problem-Solving:

  • Electronics Industry conductive adhesive:
    • Intertek identified poor mixing as the cause of inconsistent conductivity and weak interface with copper substrate
  • Wood Glue:
    • The lab showed how adhesion at the interface can be improved by understanding how the adhesive penetrates into the cellular structure
  • Microwavable food trays:
    • Intertek advised on the development of easy-peel tray lids by studying the interaction between film-lid and container
  • Cardboard packaging:
    • Intertek helped the customer reduce the temperature of processing, resulting in significant energy savings

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