Clean Air & ETL Environmental VOC Certification

Clean Air & ETL Environmental VOC Certified Products

ManufacturerProduct NamesCategoryConformance CategoryCertificate NumberCertificate Expiry Date
Agati FurnitureAntrim, Boalt, Brown, Callaway, Cerino, Charles, Children’s Wood Tables, DePaul, Frye, Gothic, Myles, Power Bar Table, Primary, Rolland, Rolland Benches and WilliamsStudy Carrels and TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000055R211/21/2018
Agati FurnitureWood Shelving and Display Collections (Storage Cabinets), End Panels and Atlas & Dictionary StandsShelving and DisplayVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000056R211/21/2018
Agati FurnitureDrum and Gee Occasional Tables, Metal Base Tables, Primary and Roland Lab Tables, Elements Media and Manifest Desk BenchingTables, Desk Benching and MediaVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000057R211/21/2018
Agati FurniturePOD and Nook (wall panel, seat and work surface)Private WorkstationsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000069R211/21/2018
Agati FurnitureEtta Wood Collection of wood table and chairSolid Wood Tables and SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000086R111/21/2018
Agati FurnitureHampton Banquette and GeeLounge Seating and TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000116R011/21/2018
Balco, Inc.Adhesives and SealantsBuilding ProductVOC+/GOLDCA-218811-0101G12/19/2019
BRC Stylwall Inc.Dwel Stylwall and Tecna StylwallArchitectural WallsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000078R305/31/2019
BRC Business Enterprises Ltd.Natural Series Workstation (Worksurface, Tackboard and Storage PED)Workstation Systems FurnitureVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000087R205/31/2019
BuzziSpace USAWall Panels: BuzziBooth, BuzziCockpit, BuzziHive, BuzziHub and BuzziVilleVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000073R305/25/2019
BuzziSpace USASeating: Bench Systems: BuzziHive, BuzziHub, and BuzziVilleVOCUS1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000074R305/25/2019
BuzziSpace USALaminated Worksurfaces: BuzziBooth and BuzziVille WorktopVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000075R305/25/2019
BuzziSpace USABuzzi Seating: BuzziCube Models, (flat, 3d, antiskid bottom, and wooden bottom)VOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000080R205/25/2019
Dauphin North AmericaTables: Conference / Meeting: Konstrux

Tables: Occasional: Ambit, Axium, Entice, and Tiffany
Dauphin North AmericaSystems: Desking, Benching and Panels: Atelier, Atelier 2, Hiline, Junxion, and Konstrux

Systems: Casegoods and Storage: Blend and Konstrux
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Guest / Side: Ace, Eddy, Fiore, Getti, Highway, Join Me, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Siamo, Stilo, Strata, Talli, Teo, and Visita

Seating: Stool: Adjust, Aiko, Basis I, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Eddy, Fiore, Flexo, Jax, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo, Octave, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Stilo, Sync, Sync II, Tec Line, Teo, Vida, Visita, and X-Code
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Classroom: Ace, Eddy, Fiore, Getti, Join Me, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Strata, Talli, and Teo

Seating: Nesting: Ace and Join Me

Seating: Stacking: Ace, Eddy, Fiore, Siamo, Strata, and Talli
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Beam: Eddy, Fiore, Logan, Lordo, Siamo, and Teo

Seating: Lounge: Single and Sofa: 4+, 4+ Relax, Aleta, Alterno, Aspetta, Atelier, Atelier 2, Bello, Bene Bobo, Bobo, Baby Bobo, Buster Bobo, Bux, City Club, Coty, Cubitt, Egbert, Hiline, Junxion, Perillo, and Sidney
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Conference/ Meeting: Bux, Eddy, Highway, Lucinta, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo, Riola, Siamo, Teo, and Vista

Seating: Executive: Lacinta, Lordo, and Luxo
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Task: Adjust, Aiko, Basis I, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Flexo, Lacinta, Lordo Flex, Luxo, Magnum, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Stilo, Sync, Sync II, Vida, Viper and X-CodeVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000095R112/05/2018
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Conference / Meeting and Executive: Signo

Seating: Lounge Stool and Task: Vida 2
DuChâteauVinyl Deluxe® Grand Collection, DuChâteau Concrete DeLuxe® Flooring, and DuChâteau Atelier Series Engineered Plank FlooringFlooring PlanksVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000097R212/22/2018
Emeco Industries, Inc.Seating: 1 Inch Aluminum Collection, 1 Inch Reclaimed Collection, 20-06 Collection, Broom Collection, Emeco Stool (STOL), Heritage Collection, Hudson Collection, Icon Collection, Kong Collection, Lancaster Chairs and Stools, 111 Navy, 1006 Navy, 1104 Navy, Navy Upholstered Collection, Sezz Collection, SoSo Collection, superlight, SU Cork, SU Recycled Plastic, and SU Wood

Seating and Benches: Alfi Collection and Run Aluminum Benches

Tables: 1 inch Tables, 20-06 Tables, Emeco Café Aluminum Tables, and Run Aluminum Tables
Environamics, Inc.Architectural ProductsBuilding ProductVOC+/GOLDCA-265711-0101G10/02/2019
Ergotron, Inc.WorkFit-A, WorkFit-LX Sit-Stand Desk Mount System, WorkFit-S, WorkFit- SR Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, WorkFit-TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, WorkFit-TLE Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, Elevate 48 Electric Sit-Stand Desk, WorkFit-Tx, and WorkFit CornerDual Worksurfaces, Suspended / Dropdown keyboard, LCD Stand, Dual Monitor, and Sit-Stand Desk WorkstationsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000106R409/29/2019
Ergotron, Inc.HX Desk Monitor and Dual Monitor ARM, MXV Desk Monitor and Dual Monitor ARM and, LX Desk Monitor Arm, Dual Direct Arm, Dual Side-by-Side Arm, Dual Stacking Arm, HD Sit-Stand Desk Arm, and Sit-Stand Desk ArmDesk Monitor Arms, Dual Direct Arm, Dual Side-by-Side Arm, Stacking Arm, and Sit-Stand Desk ArmVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000118R009/29/2019
Ergotron, Inc.Triple Bow Kit, LX Sit-Stand Extension, Corner Keyboard Tray for WorkFit, WorkFit Single HD and LD Monitor Kits, WorkFit Dual Monitor Kit, WorkFit LCD & Laptop Kit, and WorkFit Conversion Kits including Single HD, Dual, LCD & LaptopWorkstation AccessoriesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000119R009/29/2019
Halo Innovations, Inc.Halo Bassinest ECO MattressBassinest Organic MattressVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000054R311/16/2018
Hangzhou Huibang Hospitality Design and Project Co. Ltd.Window TreatmentTextilesVOC+/GOLDCA-321740-0101G10/02/2019
Harlequin FloorsFlooringLaminate Flooring: Harlequin Studio, and Harlequin CascadeVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000127R007/27/2019
Indiana FurnitureCentennial, Elevate, Gesso, Madera, Promise, and Revolutions; Aura and Cameo Reception CasegoodsWood / Veneer Casegoods and Reception CasegoodsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000033R310/04/2018
Indiana FurnitureAura, Cameo, Etch, One10 and Topsy TuryWood/Veneer Conference TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000034R310/04/2018
Indiana FurnitureCanvas, Niche and Resilience Casegoods and Aura and Cameo ReceptionLaminate Casegoods and ReceptionVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000035R310/04/2018
Indiana FurnitureCarreta, Cicero, Inspiration, Isla, Jot, Marquee, Resilience and Topsy TurvyLaminate Occasional TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000036R310/04/2018
Indiana Furniture Amery, Brea, Breman, Clutch, Eden, Joy, Kennerly, Larson, Marquee, Oscar, Reminisce, and SyntricTask SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000037R310/04/2018
Indiana Furniture Amery, Brea, Breman, Clutch, Kennerly, Larson, Oscar and ReminisceExecutive SeatingVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000038R310/04/2018
Indiana FurnitureAlita, Amery, Bow Tie (Stacking), Brea, Breman, Britta, Charm, Cirka, Delphi, Elara, Felix, Gleem, Halsted, Inspiration, Kennerly, Klarete, Larson, Marquee, Reminisce, Striations, Toby, Trift and ViveGuest / Side SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000040R310/04/2018
Indiana FurnitureAura, Cameo, Canvas, Etch, Niche, One 10, Resilience, and Tri-One Modular Conference, and TrainingLaminate Conference and Training TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000079R210/04/2018
Indiana FurnitureBailey, Benton, Bliss, Britta, Carreta, Chat, Cicero, Inspiration, Isla, Marquee, Portia and Triple PlayLounge SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000109R110/04/2018
Integra Inc.Seating - Classroom, Executive, Guest/Side, Lounge, Multi-purpose, Patient Room

Tables - Top Only, Base Only, Cafeteria/Café, Conference (non-wood), Conference (wood), Occassional
Jack Cartwright of Boss Design Co.Seating: Guest / Side: Biff, Buff, Happy and Jolly

Seating: Lounge: Clancy
Luum TextilesUpholsteryTextilesVOC+/GOLDCA-113659-0101G07/06/2019
Luum TextilesLUUM Polyester Fabrics: Arc Angle, Artopia, Backdrop, Bandeau, Beaded Stripe, Beeline, Bitstream, Boucle Grid, Brazil, Carreaux, Complement, Cross Dye, Data Town, Dhurga, Digi Tweed, Egypt, Emit, Essentials, Filar, Flicker, Fundamentals, Heather Tech, Implex, India, Intercept, InTone, Jetline, Linen Weave, Magnify, Makah, Marl Cloth, Meme, Modulus, Nitty Gritty, Percept, Peru, Presse, Rationale, Refraction, Situ, Soft Ridge, Stimuli, Strio, Super Spun, Tangle, Techno Plaid, Technoplaid, Topology, Twining, Vista, Wales, Warp Speed, Wired UpVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000124R107/06/2019
Momentive Performance MaterialsAdhesives and SealantsBuilding ProductVOC+/GOLDCA-285751-0101G10/02/2019
Momentive Performance MaterialsIGS3103, IGS3713, IGS3723, RapidStrength RGS7700, Construction SCS1200, Sanitary SCS1700, SilPruf SCS2000, SCS2350, SilPruf LM SCS2700, SilPruf NB SCS9000, SWS, UltraGlaze SSG4000, UltraGlaze SSG4000AC, Ultra Glaze SSG4400, and UltraGlaze SSG4600Construction SealantVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000117R001/15/2019
Navy Island, Inc.Surfaces and PanelsBuilding ProductVOC+/GOLDCA-093163-0101G12/19/2019
Nucraft Furniture Co.Conference, Meeting and Other: Agility, Approach, Arena, Ativa, Baja, Crossbeam, Discovery, Dumon, Elevate, Fleet, Flow, Forte, High Tech Lectern, Kai, Myne Neos Conference, Preston, Saber Conference, Saber Training, Satellite, Tavola, Tova, and Two4SixVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000121R005/08/2019
Nucraft Furniture Co.Casegoods: Aerial, Aerial Refresh, Ascari, Cambium, Cavara, Envision, Equate, and Merino

Conference Credenzas: Flow Credenza, Forte Credenza, Kai Credenza, Performance Credenza, and Tavola Credenza
OMT Veyhl USA CorpBold Single Stage and Clever Single Stage ColumnsHeight Adjustable Table LegsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000114R009/28/2018
OrangeboxTask Seating: Ara, Cors, Do, Eva, Flo, G64, Go, Joy, Seren, Spira+, Workday, and X10;

Executive Seating: Calder, Cubb, Hay, Pace, and Track;

Guest/ Side and Lounge Seating: Aden, Away from the Desk, Bligh, Border, Boundary, Cubb, Cusp, Cwtch, Dee, Dean, Fletcher, Gate, Ogmore, Perimeter, Point, Tarn, and Vale
OrangeboxLounge Seating: Avi, Bloom, Peak 2018, Ramsey, Skomer, Spring 2108, Sully, and Tide 2018;

Network Landscape Solid Wood Products:
Lounge Seating: Ava, Boom, Bounce, Dench, Flex, Moss, Neeky, Orly, Peeps, Tope, and Yolo;
Tables: Arber, ATM, Hep, Hench, Imo, Java, Joe, Library, Neato, Rock, Skeen, Spring, Peak, Tide, and Yawl
OrangeboxArchitectural Products: US and UK Upholstered Wall Panels: Air Pods: Air3, Airea, Bay and CoveVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000104R102/28/2019
OrangeboxAway From the Desk (Aftd), Bae, Bluff, Breaker, Convo Static / Flip, Cubb, Cwtch, Dune, Elan, Lano, Lock Bar, Lock Side, Obvio, Pars, Surf, and Vale

Network Landscapes: Arber, ATM, Hep, Hench, Imo, Java, Joe, Library, Neato, Rock, Skeen, Spring, Peak, Tide, and Yawl
Tales / SurfacesVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000105R302/28/2019
Parklex USA, Inc.Surfaces and PanelsBuilding ProductVOC+/GOLDCA-302943-0101G09/30/2019
Precision AdhesivesPA-2084A and EZ-6010ADuct SealantsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000118R001/18/2019
Prodema USA, Inc.Surfaces and PanelsBuilding ProductVOC+/GOLDCA-302588-0101G09/30/2019
Purple Innovation, LLCMattress, PillowBeddingVOC+/GOLDCA-292577-0101G07/23/2019
RectorSeal, LLCAdhesives and SealantsBuilding ProductVOC+/GOLDCA-200059-0101G12/12/2019
ROL USA, Inc.EP Leg Series, ED Leg Series and PR-25 Steel Column Leg SeriesAdjustable Table Frames: 2 and 3 leg and steel powder-coated legsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000068R203/01/2019
Royal Metal Products, Inc.Heating & Air Conditioning: Royal Flex DuctVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000111R207/14/2019
Safco Products Co. dba MaylineConference Tables, Desking Systems, Casegoods, and Reception: Aberdeen, Medina, and SterlingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000001R605/21/2019
Safco Products Co. dba MaylineConference Table, Desking Systems, Casegoods and Reception: CSII, e5 Series, and TransAction SeriesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000002R605/21/2019
Safco Products Co. dba MaylineHeight Adjustable Tables: E-Series, LT Series, ML Series, RGE Series, and XR SeriesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000016R505/21/2019
Safco Products Co. dba MaylineHigh Density Storage: ARC Rotary Files, File Harbor Cabinets, Forms / Storage Cabinets, Four Post Shelving, Mailflow Systems and Mailflow-to-go for Mailrooms, Mobile Lite, Steel Plan Large Format Filing, and X-Ray ShelvingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000018R505/21/2019
Safco Products Co. dba MaylineTechnology Products: Data Cabinets, e*LAN, Matrix, and TechWorksVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000020R505/21/2019
Safco Products Co. dba MaylineWorkspaces: EvenVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000021R505/21/2019
Safco Products Co. dba MaylineDrafting Tables: Drawing Tables, and Steel Plan FilesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000022R505/21/2019
Safco Products Co. dba MaylineHospitality, Occasional and Training Tables: Bistro, Cohere, Flip-N-Go, Meeting Plus, Sync, and T-MateVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000026R505/21/2019
Sedia SystemsFixed Auditorium and Public Spaces Seating: FT20, G20, J30, Jumpseat and R40

Lecture Hall Seating, Tables and Writing Surfaces: Beam Series, M Series, O60, T50, and V8000 Series
Sensitile SystemsConcrete/ Terrazzo Slabs & Tiles: Sensitile® Terrazzo, Terrazzo Lumina™, PIXA™; Resin: Lumina™, Scintilla®, Ripple Motif™, Jali®, Ripple™, SLANT®, Infinity™, Celeste™, Vapor™; Resin & Glass: Lumina™, Scintilla®, Jali®, SLANT®; Glass: Celeste™ and Vapor™.Architectural Products: Decorative PanelsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000125R006/07/2019
Special-T, LLCConference Tables: Atlantis, Benton, Connect, Jaguar, Legacy, Olmpus, Oscar, and Venice

Training, Flip and Nest Tables: Antonio, Apollo, Arcade, Arches, Bridget, Carina, Convertible, Delta, Ella, EZ-Roll, Grace. Kingston, Levitate, Maxim, Portofino, Quatro, Reveal, Robot, SlimFlip, SlimFlip-C, Structure, and Transform-2

Occasional and Hospitality Tables: Bedford, Bistro, Cantina, ClassiX, Ella, Fusion, Kristina, Legacy, Mount, Nova, Quatro, Reveal, Robot, StarX, Sienna, Success, and Trion.
VersteelEliga Cabinet Storage, Eliga Casegood Storage, Entourage Cabinet, Entourage Cart, Entourage Lectern, Entourage Wallboard, Equip, Looksee, Whiteboard, Tabletop Lectern, and WorkplayAccessories, Presentation ProductsVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000065R201/30/2019
VersteelChela, Companion, Elly, IMMIX, Kompis, OH, Ollie, Quanta, Quanta HD, Sate, Simon, Socius, The Maker Bench, and ZuriSeating: Auditorium/ Theater, Classroom, Guest/Side, Lounge, Patient Room, or StackingVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000066R201/30/2019
VersteelBrattice, Curvare, Elements, Eliga, ODIS, Paces, parsons, Performance, Platform, Rover, Skware, Somet, The Maker Table, Tier, TIM, TOD, Ty, Uno2, Vela, and WavelinkTables: Bases/ Tops, Cafeteria/ Café, Classroom, Conference (wood, non-wood), Height-Adjustable, Occasional, and TrainingVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000067R201/30/2019
VersteelEliga Cabinet Storage, Eliga Casegood Storage, Entourage Cabinet, Entourage Cart, Entourage Lectern, Entourage Wallboard, Equip, Looksee, Whiteboard, Tabletop Lectern, and WorkplayAccessories, Presentation ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000098R101/30/2019
VersteelChela, Companion, Elly, IMMIX, Kompis, OH, Ollie, Quanta, Quanta HD, Sate, Simon, Socius, The Maker Bench, and ZuriSeating: Auditorium/ Theater, Classroom, Guest/Side, Lounge, Patient Room, or StackingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000099R101/30/2019
VersteelBrattice, Curvare, Elements, Eliga, ODIS, Paces, Parsons, Performance, Platform, Rover, Skware, Somet, The Maker Table, Tier, TIM, TOD, Ty, Uno2, Vela, and WavelinkTables: Bases/ Tops, Cafeteria/ Café, Classroom, Conference (wood, non-wood), Height-Adjustable, Occasional, and TrainingVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000100R101/30/2019
Via, Inc.Bergen, Carmel, Dyce, Essex, Heathrow, Linate, Oslo, Vero and Voss (upholstered)Executive SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000005R509/04/2019
Via, Inc.Seating: Guest / Side: Splash (poly and mesh), Sutro, Vista, Vista II and Zee

Seating: Task: 4U, Brisbane, Brisbane HD, Genie, Proform, Riva-Act II, Run II, Terra and Voss (mesh)
Via, Inc.Seating: Backless Stool / Motion Task: 3Dee, Muvman, Oyo, Spec Stool, and Swopper

Seating: Lounge / Motion: Astro, Chico, Comet, Edge, Orbit, ReGOLA and Sienna

Seating: Outdoor Steel Lounge: Sierra and Tahoe
Via, Inc.ReGOLA PanelSystemsVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000082R209/04/2019

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