Intertek To Host Educational Sessions at the SOT 56th Annual Meeting

Meet Intertek's experts during the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo in Baltimore, Maryland, March 12-16, 2017, Booth 2050

Drug development can be challenging, with ocular drugs and inhalation medicines in particular posing specific challenges from bioanalytical, analytical or toxicological perspectives. Our team will host two education sessions during the SOT annual meeting - Baltimore, Maryland, March 12-16, 2017 - during which these challenges will be addressed and current regulatory requirements reviewed.

Our experts will also be available at Booth 2050 for discussions about your latest projects and your bioanalysis, analysis or toxicological consulting requirements.

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Complimentary visitor day passes
Intertek is offering complimentary day passes for March 14 and March 15. These passes provide access to the Exhibit Hall for the selected day. If you are interested in receiving a one-day pass, please email us.

Exhibitor-Hosted Educational Sessions
Challenges in Developing Ocular Drugs from a Bioanalytical and Toxicological Perspective
4:30 PM–5:30 PM | CC   Room 340. Tuesday, March 14

Ocular drugs are challenging to develop. From a bioanalytical perspective, rare matrices, multiple tissues, and low limits of quantitation can be daunting. From a toxicological perspective, administration, formulation, and specialized knowledge of ocular toxicity pose further obstacles. This presentation will provide ideas to address these challenges and review regulatory requirements.

How to Provide Meaningful Analytical Data for the Toxicologist to Assess Inhalation-based Medical Devices
Analytical and Toxicology Perspective
12:00 PM–1:00 PM | CC   Room 338. Wednesday, March 15

Analytical testing for inhalation-based medical devices is challenging due to gas environment exposure. Regulatory guidance recommends solvent-based extractions, however using those techniques could cause under/overestimation of exposure levels. We will present analytical approaches to address drawbacks of solvent based extractions and provide reliable alternatives required for meaningful toxicological assessments.

Learn More About the SOT Annual Meeting
The SOT 56th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, March 12-16, 2017. Approximately 6,500 toxicologists from more than 50 countries are expected to share their research and expertise during the 160+ Scientific Sessions, featuring nearly 2,500 abstracts.
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Intertek expert Ms. Lois Haighton, Director, Food & Nutrition Group will co-chair a workshop titled, “Scientific, Regulatory, and Safety Considerations for Probiotics and Microbiome Targeted Therapeutics” on Monday March 13, 2017 from 9:30 am – 12:15 pm. During this workshop, Dr. Alexandra Lobach, Manager-Toxicology, Food & Nutrition Group will also be presenting on “Understanding the Safety Requirements and Regulatory Hurdles of Different Product Classes Containing Probiotics”.

Intertek will also present three scientific posters at SOT. These poster sessions provide attendees with the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about the latest research and advances:

• Toxicological Assessment of Benzyl Chloride as a Topical Ophthalmic Drug Product Impurity: Tuesday, March 14 | 9:30 am – 12:45 pm

• Alternative Approach in the Safety Assessment of Plant-Based Proteins for Use as Novel Ingredients in Food: Wednesday, March 15 | 9:30 am – 12:45 pm

• Evaluating the Hypersensitivity Potential of Propylene Glycol in Small Molecule Parenteral Formulations: Wednesday March 15 | 1:15 – 4:30 pm

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