Discuss Biopharma Analytical Challenges at the BioAnalytical and Formulation Summit

Meet our experts at the BioAnalytical and Formulation Summit, Prague, 12-13 September 2017. Discuss analytical characterization strategies, stability testing and formulation

Biopharmaceutical analytical method development, addressing critical quality attributes (CQA's), designing suitable product characterisation strategies, formulation development and stability testing are all key areas of biopharmaceutical product development. Discuss your current challenges in analytical methods for biologics with our team of experts who will be exhibiting during the Bioanalytical and Formulation Summit 2017.

The quality of a biologic therapeutic can be impacted by a range of factors. Understanding and improving product quality, safety and efficacy can be achieved through overcoming characterisation, biophysical and functional challenges. Meeting the strict regulatory expectations set out for analytical and formulation scientists can be achieved by applying fit-for-purpose development programs that are specific to your biomolecule whilst utilising the latest analytical technologies which can deliver quality data, allowing you to make decisions and reach your next milestone. To arrange a meeting during the conference email us at biopharma@intertek.com


White Paper Download: Formulation of Biologics for Inhaled and Nasal Delivery
White Paper Download: The Complexities of Antibody Drug Conjugate Characterization
Webinar Recording: Design of Biopharmaceutical Stability Studies 
Webinar Recording: Analytical Comparability Studies for Biosimilars  

Venue: Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague

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Biopharmaceutical Analysis
Protein Analysis
Immunogenicity Assay
Immunochemistry Services
Protein Aggregation State Characterization 
Biopharmaceutical Stability 
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