Intertek publishes joint paper providing vital performance information to tidal turbine developers

November 14, 2017

Cardiff: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has further enhanced its expertise in tidal turbine performance by teaming up with world-leading universities to conduct a study which has been published in the leading journal, Renewable Energy.  The joint study by Intertek Energy & Water, Cardiff University, the University of South Wales and the University of Edinburgh focused on the implications of misaligned flow on tidal turbines, to provide vital information to tidal turbine developers in terms of performance, fatigue and to ensure maximum power output from a turbine.  

The research paper was co-authored by Intertek Energy & Water expert Dr. Paul Evans and is one of a number of published collaborative Intertek/academic scientific studies, drawing on the expertise of some of the most distinguished tidal energy experts from academia and industry.

Dr. Paul Evans, Intertek Energy and Water, said: “The opportunities of harnessing tidal energy from UK shores are vast, and therefore having an understanding of the impact of the environment on devices is extremely important to help maximize tidal turbine life expectancy and performance for future generations. We are fortunate to be able to partner with world-class researchers on this important topic of tidal energy, which is a predictable alternative to relying on fossil fuels and can help reduce the impact of Climate Change.”

Dr. Allan Mason-Jones, co-author and Lecturer at Cardiff University, said: “The research and resulting paper demonstrates the critical importance of collaboration between industry and academia. The knowledge gained and shared will be valuable to the growing marine energy Industry, both for developers and potential suppliers.”

Intertek Energy & Water has many years’ experience in marine consulting and in the marine renewables industry, providing assessments for projects in the marine and coastal environment, services for power transmission, renewable energy, oil, gas, water, ports and harbours. This includes field surveys, geophysical and geotechnical assessments, hydrodynamic modelling, metocean assessments, geographical information systems (GIS), as well as cabling and environmental considerations.

Intertek’s global reach and local presence in more than 100 countries enables the Group to deliver innovative, customized commercial and compliant solutions wherever the business is required. The team partner with developers, operators, asset owners, utilities, lenders and governments to tackle complex environmental, regulatory and operational challenges throughout the project life cycle – from concept, feasibility and design, through construction and operation, to decommissioning, to reduce costs and secure compliance.

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