Intertek offers aerosol product flammability testing to EU standards

January 20, 2016

Leicester, UK – Intertek, a leading global quality solutions provider, is now offering aerosol products flammability testing to European and UK standards.

The potential fire and explosion hazard created by the more than 1.4 billion* aerosol cans filled in the UK annually with flammable propellant and product, half of which are for cosmetic purposes, has prompted EU and UK to update aerosol dispenser regulations originally put in place in 1975.

Intertek can now offer clients a comprehensive set of projection and flashpoint tests of both the aerosol and its contents to ensure it complies with the UK Aerosol Dispensers Regulations and the EU Aerosol Dispensers Directive.

Philip Bullock, Technical Manager, Intertek said: “Aerosols are increasingly being used as a delivery system for everything including hair sprays, garden pesticides, spray paints, and air fresheners. In response to the risk these present to the public and the high level of compliance the legislation demands of them, Intertek has set up the capability to determine the flammability of aerosols.”

Retail Services Director UK & Eire Christine Smith said: “Intertek’s involvement in product testing, both here in the UK and globally, enables our experts to stay ahead of industry trends and respond to changing customer demands. Aerosol usage is a growing phenomenon and therefore the need to support manufacturers in producing safe and effective aerosol products is crucial.”

*British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) figures

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