Intertek Enhances Testing Services for High Voltage Power Equipment

January 27, 2014

Intertek recently invited Mr Sergio Feitoza Costa from Brazil, former Chairman of the Technical Committee of the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC TC32), to conduct an in-depth technical exchange on power equipment testing methodologies with Observers at Intertek's ASTA Power Product Certification team in China.

Guangzhou, China - With his extensive experience in the field of high and low voltage power equipment testing, Mr. Sergio Feitoza Costa serves as a member of the International Conference on Large High Voltage Electric Systems (CIGRE) and several standards committees and working groups of the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC). He is widely recognized as an industry expert.

Calling on his expansive knowledge, the interactive discussions on the basic theory of high voltage power, theoretical calculations, derivation methods and applications of IEC standards, the Intertek ASTA team were able to identify ways to further enhance and refine their testing services for high voltage power products.

Intertek ASTA certification, which is independently applied to high and low voltage power equipment, has been trusted by many foreign governments, public power agencies and electricity suppliers for a number of years as evidence of product compliance. This is because of the high quality of this test work. ASTA testing and certification is highly specialized and demanding, and requires qualified laboratories to conduct the work and official ASTA Observers to witness tests.

This technical exchange supports the professional authority of ASTA certification and provides insight into technology trends and market prospects for high voltage power equipment.

Intertek ASTA is a founding member of Short-circuit Testing Liaison (STL) and has long served as its Secretary-General. The STL provides a forum for voluntary international collaboration between high voltage power testing organizations which works towards the harmonized application of IEC and Regional Standards for the type testing of electrical power equipment. It is particularly concerned with researching and unifying test methods for high voltage electrical transmission and distribution equipment - above 1000V AC and 1500V DC. Their testing methodology guidelines have an authoritative position across the world in the testing of transmission and distribution equipment and test reports issued by STL Members have commonly become a key equipment requirement specified by many national and regional governments and public power agencies.

Intertek is staffed with Observers in China to offer local ASTA certification services. In addition to technically consulting and communicating with customers before each test, its Observers in China also need to communicate and coordinate on issues that arise from the testing – utilising their wealth of experience and expertise to speed up the progress. This helps manufacturers to obtain ASTA certificates fast, whilst improving product quality and technical reputation – all of which help manufacturers gain commercial advantage in the highly competitive international market.

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