Panasonic Selects Intertek for Independent User Survey of the Pro-Curve Electric Shaver Versus Existing Shaving Methods

August 11, 2009

Intertek (LSE: ITRK), a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a range of industries worldwide, after rigorous independent testing and extensive user trials has awarded Panasonic the Quality & Performance Mark (QPM) for its Pro-Curve electric shaver. The new shaver is marketed to both ‘manual’ and ‘electric’ shaver users, and Panasonic leveraged the QPM to independently test and verify product Usability (Ease of Use) and Consumer Preference.

As part of the independent testing and validation regimen, Intertek devised a large-scale, two-month consumer trial and survey to benchmark user habits and measure how those habits changed or remained the same after using the Pro-Curve. The consumer trial concluded that 90% of electric shaver users would switch their current brand to the Panasonic Pro-Curve and 48% of manual shaver users would make the switch. To further bolster the shaver’s marketability, an ergonomics assessment was conducted to qualify the Pro-Curve for the QPM Usability/Ease of Use parameter. (See image of Panasonic’s Mark)

“Panasonic recognized the value in having independent, third-party validation and proof of their claim, and the fact that it carries more weight to consumers when making purchasing decisions,” said Gregg Tiemann, Chief Executive, Intertek Commercial and Electrical division. “They were looking for a differentiator against their competitors for the launch of this product, and Intertek’s Quality & Performance Mark was a perfect fit for Panasonic to achieve their goals.”

The QPM offers manufacturers and brand marketers a means to clearly differentiate their products among a sea of competitors’. For consumers, it provides much needed trust in quality assurance, as well as offering depth of information for more educated purchasing decisions. Testing for Intertek’s QPM can validate up to five baseline performance criteria:

  • Durability – The range of conditions a product can handle and continue to operate as expected.
  • Functionality – Performance of the product’s functions and features under normal use.
  • Life Cycle – How long the product lasts in normal operation.
  • Usability – Ease of use for a product’s intended tasks.
  • Workmanship – High quality fabrication of a product.

For further differentiation, a sixth parameter called “CheckPlus Performance” allows manufacturers to test and validate performance and quality claims specific to their product for an added selling advantage. For more information on Intertek’s Quality & Performance Mark, please visit


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