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Intertek Mobile App Testing

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Apps can entertain, increase productivity, share information, find people and places, make connections, generate revenue, and make life easier. No matter what the intended outcome, be certain your app gives users the experience they want with fast, reliable, expert testing from Intertek.

Intertek's insider knowledge of mobile app testing is unrivaled. We work with some of the world's leaders in mobile technology from Mozilla and Microsoft to Verizon and Blackberry, and we have been long before the world went mobile.

Why Mobile App Quality Should Be Your Top Priority
Millions of mobile apps are downloaded and used every day. What separates you from the competition? How can you be sure your app delivers on the reputation of your brand? Download the free whitepaper,"Does Your App Enrich or Enrage? Why Mobile App Quality Should Be Your Top Priority" for best practices and tips on ensuring your app reflects the high quality brand you've worked hard to build.


Intertek Mobile App Testing

As the trusted testing partner of many leading app stores, carriers and device manufacturers, Intertek has 35,000 experts in more than 1,000 locations around the world ready and able to test your app on any network and device. We provide a full suite of testing, evaluation and analysis services ranging from a single test to development and management of full scale testing programs.

If you're aiming to score big with an app that performs reliably on more networks, more devices and any operating system, choose Intertek.

Intertek Mobile App Testing

Top Performing Apps Start with Top Notch Testing

Apps that don't get downloaded or used don't generate revenue.

Submit your app now to start the mobile app testing process with Intertek. Whether you're looking for a single test or many, we can evaluate your app to make certain poor performance, compatibility problems and usability issues don't thwart your success.

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Intertek Mobile App Testing