ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Standard Webinar with ZERO®


The newly published Occupational Health and Safety standard, ISO 45001, has replaced OHSAS 18001 as the industry standard for monitoring, controlling, and improving health and safety in the workplace. ISO 45001 will require an organisation to look beyond its immediate health and safety issues and take into account what the wider society expects of it. Organisations will have to think about their contractor and suppliers, as well as the effects their activities have on neighbouring communities.

Join Intertek, and ZERO® experts to learn more about how the new ISO 45001 will improve your business health and safety practices, along with other updates on the standard.

Guest Presenter: Jessica Richardson, Senior Safety Engineer, ZERO®

Jessica Richardson, MS, CSP, CET is a safety educator and professional with comprehensive experience developing and managing occupational health and safety management systems and performance improvement programs in the construction & energy industries. Jessica is the Senior Safety Engineer for ZERO®, a company developing technology to make the workplace safer. She also teaches in the Safety Management Department at Slippery Rock University and is pursuing her PhD in Safety Sciences at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Jessica is an active member of the American Society of Safety Engineers Utilities & Academics Practice Specialties. 

ZERO® is a communication platform for high-hazard workplaces. ZERO® organises and centralises all communication so that you can efficiently share safety and performance information across teams. Team members can identify hazards, access company policies or best practices, and collaborate in real-time, from any device. Lastly, ZERO® is designed for companies in high-hazard industries that are seeking to streamline communication across teams, reduce workplace injuries and incidents, and ultimately improve their safety culture and safety performance.

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