Webinar Download: How to Achieve Effective and Efficient EPR Reporting and Corporate Sustainability Success

Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) require companies that manufacture and/or sell products (and packaging) to be financially responsible for these products after their useful life by implementing financial incentives to encourage manufacturers to design environmentally friendly products by, for example, requiring manufacturers to internalize the cost of recycling within the product price. EPR was first introduced into law in the EU in the early 1990’s (e.g. WEEE and Packaging directives), but this trend is growing significantly with a number of countries adopting new EPR regulations worldwide.

Intertek, powered by EPI’s redipoint, will be addressing the challenges to meet EPR during a complimentary webinar. This webinar presents an automated and effective guide through the myriad of corporate EPR reporting requirements existing today. These extend beyond legislative requirements and include pseudo-regulatory and sustainability reporting. We will show how companies can reduce their administrative burden, EPR levies, and compliance risks, while boosting their Corporate Sustainability profile.

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