Webinar Recording– China’s GB 31701-2015 Goes into Effect May 31, 2018 – Are You Ready to Comply?

Do you sell infant and children’s products in China? In just a few short months, you’ll need to ensure your products comply with the requirements set forth in GB 31701-2015 “Safety technical code for infants and children’s textile products.”

Download our webinar and learn what you need to do to demonstrate compliance. This webinar covers the following key topics:

  • Introduction to GB 31701-2015
  • Failure analysis during transition period
  • How to avoid non-compliance – tips from Intertek expert

About GB 31701-2015

  • Went into effect June 1, 2016, with a transition period until May 31, 2018
  • Applies to infant & children’s textiles sold in China
  • Textile products worn or used by infants 36 months of age and below
  • Textiles products worn or used by children ages 3 years to 14 years of age

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