Biocidal Products Regulation: Identity, Physico-chemical properties and Analytical Methodology

Identity testing requires characterisation of the active including analysis and identification of relevant impurities using common analytical techniques such as titration, HPLC, GC but also other more bespoke analytical techniques if required. Intertek can offer a wide range of techniques in this area. As part of this testing, analytical methods may need to be developed and validated and the requirements for validation are discussed.

Physico-chemical property testing is also required for both active and biocidal products and the scope of testing required can vary widely based both on the nature and application of the active/product being tested. Choosing the appropriate tests to be performed can be difficult and requires experience to define an experimental program that will provide the appropriate data to meet regulatory requirements.

Work of this nature is required to be performed in a GLP compliant laboratory and Intertek Pharmaceutical Services Manchester are accredited by the MHRA and have provided GLP services for over 25 years.

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