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Calibration Services

Our calibration services for onshore and offshore oil and gas environments include support from our accredited laboratories and fully qualified engineers.

Shared oil and gas pipelines instigate the need for independent calibration services. 
Although oil and gas equipment calibration can be a time-consuming and costly business, test and process equipment requires this procedure for several reasons.
Engaging reliable calibration services assists oil and gas organisations in preventing drifting and inaccuracies and ensures that equipment continues to meet its manufacturer’s specifications. 

 In terms of safety and compliance, apparatus needs to satisfy quality assurance and quality control requirements, as well as operate in accordance with QHSE standards. 

Our calibration services will benefit your organisation through a full range of solutions and consultancy options, excellent communication channels, quality certification, offsite and onsite support and a global footprint in the oil and gas industry.  
Equipment we calibrate includes fiscal provers, meters, liquid and gas densitometers, orifice plates, dead weight testers, temperature sensors, differential pressure transmitters and insulation testers.
We conduct all calibration services and related activities to recognised national and international measurement standards, complying with ISO/IEC 17025. The solutions we provide are accredited for electrical, pressure, temperature, density, flow and dimensional measurement.  
Informing you of necessary equipment repair or replacement forms part of our calibration services. Our experts aim to protect your business from unexpected downtime and sudden equipment failure. 
Saving you time, money and resources, working with us as your calibration services partner will allow you to focus on core activities.
Managed by fully-trained, experienced engineers and technicians who are fully certified for offshore working, our state-of-the-art laboratories are strategically located to meet the demands of the global exploration and production industry. 

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