Intertek Technical Expertise Supports Safe and Reliable Energy Storage

November 13, 2017

Santa Clara, California – Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, will present at the Energy Storage Association’s STUDIO conference in Cleveland 14-15 November. Intertek will discuss lithium-ion battery safety and recent advancements for large-scale energy storage applications. The STUDIO conference brings together utilities, technology developers and other stakeholders to study and exchange knowledge about the advancement and integration of technology to support electric service.

The prevalence of lithium-ion batteries stems from advantages such as battery weight, high energy, power densities and high efficiency. Dr. Taylor Kelly, Director of Energy Storage at Intertek, is providing an educational presentation at the event, covering how batteries work and why lithium-ion batteries can fail. She will also provide an introduction to advancements in battery chemistries beyond lithium-ion.

Dr. Kelly said: “Intertek’s energy storage experts provide customers with technology and performance analyses as well as economic modeling and bankability studies to support their battery project developments. Our participation provides us with the opportunity to deliver our customers’ need for total quality assurance, asset reliability, safety and efficiency.” Large-scale energy storage has traditionally been electromechanical, but there is a growing interest in electrochemical battery systems that are flexible in application and require minimal maintenance. In order to optimize battery operation, it is important to know how batteries work and how the chemistry will affect performance. Having a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of using lithium-ion battery storage for large-scale application can help companies ensure safe and efficient operations while minimizing risk.

Intertek provides global quality solutions to the energy industry with a proven track record of success supporting clients. Intertek teams across our global network provide comprehensive expertise from site selection and environmental assessment, to product design and testing, to asset optimization and decommissioning. Our service solutions are designed to provide total quality assurance to the energy industry.

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