Intertek to Co-Sponsor and Present at the Conference on Canadian Stewardship

August 24, 2017

Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, will be co-sponsoring and presenting at the Conference on Canadian Stewardship in Montreal from September 27-29, 2017.

The Conference on Canadian Stewardship has been held every second year since 2005. It has evolved into one of the most significant conferences in Canada, focusing on stewardship and sustainability. The theme of this year's conference is “EPR and Circular Economy” which will discuss the advancement and efficiency of programs in compliance with government regulations and will highlight the benefits to consumers and producers. This year's event will also focus on topics such as governance of programs, how to measure program performance and product and packaging design.

The Conference on Canadian Stewardship will attract professionals from across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia in the business, government, regulatory, production, retailing, stewardship, and waste management industries to share their expertise and involvement in producer responsibility. Attendees will be able to network with their peers in the industry and discuss current issues affecting product stewardship in Canada.

Extended producer responsibility programs in Canada are becoming more and more widespread. These end-of-life programs have changed the corporate landscape for stakeholders in production and processing, collection, retailing, supply chain management, recycling, and government, as the responsibility for reducing product Impact grows. Sponsors of the Conference on Canadian Stewardship will have the opportunity to represent those that are leading and participating in the development of these programs. Intertek Health, Environmental & Regulatory Services (HERS) is proud to be a co-sponsor of the event together with Environmental Packaging International (EPI).

In addition to co-sponsoring, Intertek HERS expert, Sabrina Cescolini, Manager of Sustainability, and Victor Bell, President of EPI, will present during Workshop 1 on September 27th at 10:30am. Their workshop is titled “EPR Reporting Data to Track Corporate Sustainability Success” and is free to attend for all conference participants. Sabrina and Victor will discuss product stewardship and sustainability corporate reporting, and will explain how companies can utilize the same EPR packaging and product fee reporting data to meet these growing requirements.

Some of the topics discussed in the workshop include:

  • Canadian & Global EPR packaging and product reporting requirements
  • Streamlining reporting for multiple product and packaging programs
  • Increased demand for corporate metrics to meet internal and external sustainability goals
  • Using EPR packaging data to perform corporate Life Cycle Analyses to assess the environmental impact of packaging
  • Accounting for EPR fees in the Cost of Goods (profit margin)
  • Providing “visible fee” information to your customers

Attendees of this workshop will learn about the essential tools that enables automated and centralized reporting to help reduce administrative costs, lower compliance risks, consider EPR fees in cost of goods, and enhance Corporate Sustainability profiles.

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